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Ours is probably the only industry which gets paid, first to do a bad job and then to keep fixing it

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Recently we’ve received an email which characterizes the software profession as cited in the title.
That characterisation is not flattering, but may be appropriate. There are professions such as banking that seem to attract criminals, or should we say incurable optimists? We do not mean to imply that all bankers are criminals, but that this group contains more of them than other professions because “that is where the money is”.
Obviously, programmers does not belong to this category. To be a (good) programmer requires appropriate talent, some knowledge or even education and experience in several years of hard work. It is not very attractive even if we are relatively well paid. Unfortunately, in the eyes of our customers, clients or employers “we do a bad job and then keep on fixing it”.