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Book critics

Our book “Modeling software with Finite State Machines” has received quite good reviews. Recently, I read in Amazon two controversial reviews on which I commented to my friends in an email as follows:

/We should not forget that we attack in the book the main streams: UML, Agile, Statecharts and in general the chaotic “traditional” on the one hand C-based and on the other Microsoft MFC and similar tools, generating software that tends to be easily corrupted. That means we attack the true programmers’ world. It is surprising that the first negative remarks are after nearly two years. Note an interesting point: the reviewers admit that we really know the state machine topic but we do not know other things that we comment and criticize: unfortunately, they do not dare to mention one single topic that we do not know. They estimate it would be too dangerous to name something directly, so it is better just to express some general doubts about our competence outside the state machine topic. But the authors of the book have, in aggregate, many years of experience, often inside large companies, of software development in general and of the various techniques and tools criticized in Part 1 of the book in particular./
My friends have encouraged me to put my opinion in the blog. I will appreciate your opinion. Is the picture of the software development world presented in the book correct? If not, what are the basic weaknesses of our discussion?

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